Protect Children & Pets from

Toxic Ant and Roach Bait Stations 

With TrapJak™


The Only Insect Bait Station Cover on the Market!

.TrapJak™ is a Patented Insect Bait Station cover designed to cover and conceal Ant and Roach Bait Stations, while still keeping them affective for their main purpose of attracting and killing those disgusting ants and roaches.

List of Approved Patents We Own:

Utility Patent No.: US 10,130,090 B1

Design Patent No.: US D855,743 S

Design Patent No.: US D877,851 S

Design Patent No.: US D942,583 S



Designed with Safety in Mind:

TrapJakis the world’s First Patented Ant and Roach Bait Station Cover Designed to:

  • Keep Ant and Roach Bait Stations Safely Away from Children and Pets!
  • Keep those Unsightly Ant and Roach Traps Concealed so people don’t think your home is Infested with bugs!
  • Keep those Toxic Bait Stations Stationary so that you don’t lose them under furniture!



TrapJak™ is Universally Designed to be Compatible with some of the most Popular Bait Stations on the market, including, Hotshot®, Raid® and Combat® brand bait stations.

How Does It Work?

TrapJak™ is easy to use. Simply place the TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover on your lower wall or baseboard, or anyplace near where you see Ant or Roach activity, using the strong adhesive backing. Insert the Bait Station of your choice that is compatible with TrapJak™ such as HotShot®, Combat® or Raid® brands, by sliding it directly into TrapJak’s inner chamber, and you are done!

TrapJak’s™ Strong Adhesive secures the cover to the wall and keeps the bait station securely out of reach from Children and Pets. Making sure the bait stations are hidden, Out of Sight and Out of Mind!

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