Keeping Pets Safe from Ant Baits

People should always use caution when using any kind of insecticide around their homes, especially when you have curious everyday household pets, like dogs and cats wandering around.

Ants and cockroaches are some of the most common household pests, and people usually use the very popular ant and roach bait stations (ex: HotShot®, Raid® & Combat® Brands) to fight the infestations. They work by placing the ant and roach traps wherever you see ant or roach activity. The ants or roaches enter the bait traps, consume some of the poisonous food, and carry some of the poison back to their colony where they contaminate the rest of the ant or roach population and hopefully kill the whole colony.

Do Insect Bait Stations Work?

These bait stations work exceptionally well and usually get the job done! The only issue is when they are laying on your floor in plain sight, they don’t look very nice, especially if you are entertaining guests and they see the bait stations. People can assume your home is dirty.

They can also be Toxic to our beloved household pets such as cats and dogs. Many of the bait stations use attractants like peanut butter mixed with insecticide. Cats and dogs smell the peanut butter and start to play with or chew on the bait stations. The amount of insecticide inside one bait stations is usually not enough to kill a cat or dog, but it is enough to make them feel sick and lethargic, depending on the age, health and size of the animal.

Pets Consuming Plastic from Ant and Roach Bait Stations:

Another major concern with animals is the plastic from the bait stations. If a dog eats a bait station and chews the plastic into pieces, those pieces of plastic if swallowed can cut and tear the intestines of the dog, or cause a blockage that can cause even bigger problems. In this type of case the animal can also die!

Unfortunately these types of scares happen pretty often. If you do a Google Search for “My dog ate and ant bait station” or “my dog chewed and swallowed an ant trap”, you can see hundreds if not thousands of people posting questions in forums concerned because their pets consumed a plastic bait station. This is obviously a very big problem that needs to be addressed. This is one of the reasons TrapJak™ was created.

The Solution to Pets Eating Ant Baits:

TrapJak™ has designed the first ant and roach bait station cover to address this problem. The only Patented bait station cover of its kind, designed to keep those ant and roach traps off the floors of your home, and keep them firmly secured to the baseboard of your wall inside the TrapJak™. The chances of your dog or cat randomly taking or chewing on a bait station decreases dramatically when using a TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover.

People don’t have to worry if their pets are eating ant bait traps anymore. TrapJak™ has a strong adhesive backing that keeps the bait station cover firmly secured to the wall or baseboard and also blends in with the décor of any home, keeping the ant traps out of sight and out of mind. TrapJak™ keeps also the bait stations stationary so you don’t lose them under furniture or appliances, and you always know where they are!

For a Safer Bait… That Looks Great! TrapJak™ is the Answer!

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