TrapJak™ was Created out of the Need to Keep those Toxic Ant & Roach Bait Stations Away from Children and Pets.


Our Story:

TrapJak™ was designed when Frank Falco (One of the Founders) placed Ant Baits in his home because he noticed some ants.

After a few days he noticed one of the ant bait stations was missing and not where he placed it. While searching for it, he found the Ant Bait Station all chewed up in his dogs’ bed. He also noticed his dog was acting lethargic and strange for a few days.

Frank called the Veterinarian and they told him to just monitor the dog, and that he would most likely have some sort of indigestion and should be back to normal in a few days. If he noticed the dog was still lethargic and not back to normal, to bring him in to get checked. The Vet was also concerned if the dog possibly ingested any sharp pieces of plastic from the chewed up bait station which can be very dangerous and cause harm to the dogs intestines.

Nevertheless the dog seemed to feel better after a few days and everything was OK, but that’s when Frank started searching all over for an Ant Bait Station Cover, and could not find any products to cover, secure or conceal insect bait stations.

Frank called his good friend Renzo Capraro (Co-Founder) who also had an ant problem in his home and was concerned with the bait stations being picked up by his 3 small children. Frank and Renzo knew there had to be a better, safer way to use those ant baits, without having to worry if their children or pets would pick them up and play with them, at the same time making them look esthetically nicer than the bait stations themselves. That was the moment when TrapJak™ was born

Shortly after designing the perfect bait station cover, Frank and Renzo had their first working prototypes and decided to start working with an attorney to apply for a utility patent and several design patents. The Utility Patent was granted on Nov, 20 2018.

Frank and Renzo are happy to be the inventors of such a simple product that has so many benefits for families who have the same concerns, and want to keep their kids and pets safe from insecticide filled bait stations. At the Same Time, keep those ugly bait stations completely out of Sight.

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