Keeping Children Safe from Ant Baits

When the average home gets its seasonal outbreak of ants or roaches, there’s really nothing much to do except use poisonous sprays that can be harmful to your family, especially small children and pets. Or you may use the ant and roach bait stations such as HotShot® Raid® or Combat® brands that are very popular and work very well.

How Are Bait Stations Used?

The bait stations are strategically placed around your home directly where ant or roach infestation is usually seen the most, such as near entrances, pet food bowls, as well as in kitchens, bathrooms and kids play areas! But not only are the bait stations very unsightly to look at lying on your floor in plain sight, but unfortunately small children usually mistake these ant traps for toys and can pick them up and put them in their mouths.

Be Cautious When Using Ant & Roach Baits Around Children:

Toxicity levels from just one of these bait stations is usually not enough to fatally harm a child, but they are not sanitary and they do contain chemicals that can cause some sickness in small children. Long term exposure to insecticides can also possibly lead to health issues. This is why parents should be cautious about leaving children unattended around any kind of insect bait stations.

Parents can take steps to assure their children can’t see or reach the bait stations by hiding them under or behind furniture and appliances. But sometimes hiding them in places where you usually don’t see activity from ants may cause the bait traps to be less effective. You are supposed to place the bait stations directly in the trail of the ants or roaches for them to work best! This is one of the reasons why we created TrapJak™.

The Only Solution to Hide & Conceal Ant Bait Stations:

TrapJak™ is a universal ant and roach bait station cover that was designed to be compatible with almost all the most popular major brands of bait stations on the market today. TrapJak works by simply removing the strong adhesive backing and sticking the TrapJak to your Lower Wall or Baseboard directly in the path of where you see ant or roach activity. Next, simply slide the ant bait station of your choice directly into the TrapJak inner chamber and you are done!   TrapJak is designed to blend in with your homes décor and keep the Ant Baits out of sight and out of mind!

Ant and roach bait stations are inserted into, and secured safely inside the inner chamber of the TrapJak™, while it is safely secured to the wall or baseboard by a strong adhesive strip, creating peace of mind by protecting the bait stations form being picked up by small children and pets!

TrapJak™ For a Safer Bait… That Looks Great!

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