TrapJak™ Official Product Decription Video 
  • TrapJak™ Keeps Toxic Bait Stations Safely Away from Children and Not-Target Animals
  • TrapJak™ Hides those Ugly Bait Stations and Keeps Them Discreet
  • TrapJak™ is Universal and is Designed to work With All The Major Bait Station Brands, Including Raid®, HotShot® and Combat®, and has Designs for Terro® and Amdro® Brands As Well!
  • TrapJak™ Comes in Different Colors and is Paintable to Match Any Décor 
How To Keep Kids Safe from Ant Traps 

This was the First Video we ever made for TrapJak™. It’s not the best quality because I made it on my iPhone, but it definitely gets the point across and gives a good demonstration of what TrapJak™ is and why it’s a Great Product for people who have ant problems and want to keep their kids and pets safe. At the same time keep those Ugly Ant Traps discreet so people don’t see them laying on your floors!

TrapJak Animated Explianer Video

This is our Animated Explainer Video. It describes a regular every day scenario that people face when using Ant Traps and Bait Stations. It gets the point across. 

Watch TrapJak In Action. Ants Think its a 5 Star Restaurant

This is the first video footage we took that captured swarms of ants entering a TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover to get to a HotShot® Maxattrax® Ant Bait. I think Hotshot® makes a Great Product! You can see how well it works by just watching those disgusting ants in a feeding frenzy! From a distance you would never know that a bait station was hiding inside that TrapJak™! 

This is TrapJaks Quick Cut Demonstration Video 

This is just a Quick Cut Video to show how TrapJak™ Looks on your wall and where to place. It shows how discreet they can be as opposed to seeing ugly, noticeable ant and roach traps on your floor for everyone to see. People who do see them, will think its a regular Telephone Jack. But NO… It’s A TrapJak™!

TrapJak Videos

We hope you enjoyed our Videos. If you have any questions about our patented product please feel free to reach out to us either by email at or by phone at 1800.496.7543. 

TrapJak Licensing Opportunities

We are Currently in the process of Launching TrapJak™ to the mass markets. We are interested in speaking with Open Innovation Friendly Companies Including Large Retail Chains, Pest Control Product Manufacturers, Pet Safety Product and Pet Supply Manufacturers and Child Safety Product Manufacturers about Licensing and Distribution Opportunities.

TrapJak™ is an Extremely Unique Product and has virtually No Competitors. There is currently nothing on the market like TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover. We would love to work with the right companies to bring our unique product to the mass markets.

TrapJak is Protected by US Utility Patent No. 10,130,090. To read about our Patent Click Here!

Benefits of TrapJak

  • Secures Poisonous Ant and Roach Bait Stations so Kids and Pets don’t pick them up and get sick!
  • Covers and Conceals the Bait Stations so People don’t see them and think your Home is Dirty!
  • Allows you to Place the Bait Traps Directly in the path of the Insect Trail while still keeping them Out of Sight and Out of Mind!
  • Can Help Reduce the Liability of Bait Station Manufacturers by Adding Another Layer of Protection to Keep their Baits Concealed and out of reach from Children and Not-Target Animals
  • Can be Used with Almost Every Major Bait Station Brand on the Market!

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