Q: What Is TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover?

TrapJak™ is a Revolutionary Patented new Product that is designed to conceal most Ant and Roach Bait Stations on the Market Today! Keeping them Out of Sight… Out of Mind!

Q: Why Should I Use TrapJak™?

If you use insect bait stations because you have an Ant or Roach problem and you are concerned about your children or pets picking up and playing with the toxic bait stations, then you should use TrapJak™! TrapJak™ will securely hide the ant traps so your kids and pets won’t touch them!

Q: Is TrapJak™ Compatible with more than one type of bait station?

TrapJak™ is Universal and is compatible with some of the most popular bait stations on the market today including, HotShot®, Raid® and Combat® Brands. We also have covers for Amdro® and Terro® bait stations as well!

Q: Is TrapJak™ Affiliated in Any Way with any Bait Station Manufacturers?

No TrapJak™ is Not in Any Way Affiliated with or Endorsed by Any Bait Station Manufacturers!

Q: How Do You Use TrapJak™?

Using TrapJak™ is easy! Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick the TrapJak™ on the Baseboard or Lower Wall directly in the path of where you see Ants traveling to find food. Slide the Bait Station securely into the inner chamber of TrapJak™, and you are done! The bait station is now completely out of plain sight inside the TrapJak™ housing and blending in beautifully with the Décor of your home!

Q: Will TrapJak™ come in different colors?

TrapJak™ will be available in white, tan and grey, to help blend in with different color walls and moldings. TrapJak™ is also Paintable so you can simply paint them the exact color of your wall or baseboard this way they will be practically invisible and seamlessly blend in with the décor of your home.

Q: Is TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover Patented?

Yes! TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover is a patented product. We own a Utility Patent on a cover for an insect bait station. US Patent No: 10,130,090. We also have several Design Patents currently pending.

Q: Is TrapJak™ Toxic?

TrapJak™ is made from food-safe ABS Plastic and does not contain any toxic materials. TrapJak™ was created to cover those potentially harmful insect bait stations to keep them out of reach from children and pets, and to keep them out of plain sight so guests at your home don’t think your home is dirty!

Q: What is the Main Purpose of TrapJak?

  1. To Keep Insect Bait Stations Concealed so people who visit your home don’t see ant and roach baits all over your kitchen floors and think your home is dirty.
  2. To keep toxic and unsanitary insect traps out of reach from wandering children and curious pets.
  3. To allow you to hide the bait stations while still strategically placing them in the correct locations where insects are seen.
  4. Can help Reduce the Liability of Bait Station Manufacturers by adding another layer of protection to help keep the baits concealed and secured away from non-target animals and children.

Q: Where can I purchase TrapJak™?

We are working on bringing our product to the mass markets. TrapJak™ will be available for purchase shortly on our website, on Amazon and Ebay as well as mass retail stores nationwide within the coming months. Please join our mailing list below to be notified as soon as we officially launch! People who join our mailing list will receive Free Shipping as well as other exclusive discounts on their initial order!

Q: How much will TrapJak™ Cost?

TrapJaks™ Price Point will be very affordable. The Retail Price will be aprox. $12.95 for a package of 2 bait station covers.

How do potential Licensees, Distributors and Investors contact TrapJak™ about purchasing, manufacturing and distribution opportunities?

Potential Licensees, Investors, Retail Chains as well as manufacturers or distributors interested in working with us should reach out via our Contact Form, by email or by calling us directly at T:1646.369.2334. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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