What Is Trapjak™ 

TrapJak™ is a brand new Patented Product that is designed to keep those Unsightly and potentially Toxic Ant and Roach Traps safely away from small children and non-target animals. TrapJak™ keeps those insect bait stations out of sight and out of mind, so people don’t see them laying on your floor and think your home is infested with bugs! 

Keeps Pets Safe!

Unfortunately, insect bait stations are a necessity if you have an ant or roach problem in your home. Exterminators can use highly toxic sprays that stink up your home and can be extremely toxic to everyone especially to our beloved Pets! Bait stations like HotShot®, Raid, Combat® and Terro® brands can be much safer than sprays, but they still contain poison, and Dogs and Cats can still find them and mistake them for Toys.  TrapJak™ Secures the bait stations inside the inner chamber and attached to your wall with a strong adhesive. Keeping the Toxic Bait Stations Safely Away from your Wandering Pets!

Keeps Kids Safe!

Let’s face it… Our children are our lives! So if you have an ant problem in your home, the last thing you want to find is your beautiful baby sitting there on the floor with a poisonous Ant Trap in their mouth! TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover is designed to secure those toxic ant and roach baits, and keep them safely away from our beloved children! Giving you piece of mind, knowing that your child wont find the traps and mistake them for Toys!


TrapJak™ Bait Station Cover is the Only Solution to Safely Fighting Insect Infestation in your Home Using Bait Stations!

  • No More Ant and Roach Traps Laying on Your Floors or Kitchen Counters For the World To See!
  • No More Losing Bait Stations Under Furniture!
  • No More Worrying if your Beloved Children and Pets are Going to be Exposed to the Toxic Bait Traps! 
  • Universal Design and Works With All The Major Bait Station Brands on The Market. 
  • Paintable So They Virtually Disappear on Your Baseboard or Wall & Blend in Beautifully with Any Décor! 

For a Safer Bait… That Looks GREAT!

Hides Ant Traps!

TrapJak™ is designed to make your Ant and Roach Traps Discreet. The last thing you want your guests to see is an Ant Bait Station sitting on your kitchen counter or living room floor. In order for the bait stations to be affective, they need to be placed directly in the path of the Ant trail. Doing this usually leaves them exposed for everyone to see. TrapJak allows you to strategically place the bait stations exactly where they need to be, while blending in with your homes décor! Keeping them Out of Sight and Out of Mind!


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